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Barbara Sirieix is a French curator who will be 5 months next resident.


"Prologue to a fiction of a space that does not yet exist"


Barbara Sirieix is currently working on a curatorial project based on the writing of a fiction which will be hosted for a residency and workshop in March 2014 by 5 months in London, then in Bucharest in October 2014 following the invitation by curator Cristina Bogdan at the project space ODD. The starting point is the projection of an imaginary space not bounded necessarily to physical laws. This opens to the possibility for other paradigms to be broken.The fiction starts off within this frame, incorporating the artists contributions in the process of writing as narrative elements. The space can be used by the contributors as material or as stage, in the limit of the autonomy they define for themselves; it can also bear their indifference as there are no preset rules. The shape of it will also be influenced by the different places the project will physically invest.

Barbara Sirieix 5th- 17th March

Workshop 15th March:


Participants: Barbara Sirieix, Linda Persson, Cristina Bogdan, Angharad Williams, Dean Brannagan, Jack Hadley

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Also at 5 months (currently) : Artist Elly Thomas

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