5 months is a temporary space, project, studio in Deptford, London set up by artist Linda Persson

(Dec 2013- April 2014)




With the increase in rent, studio rent and lack of spaces I have been lucky to secure a short term space which is well beyond my normal studio in size, quality and price. So I decided to share this in a way that will be beneficial as an exchange.

It requires an openess and independence and is suited artists, dancers, architects, designers, curators who want to engage beyond their habitual form of practise.

The artist, curator, dancer etc. need to pay for their own materials+ insurance (I have public liability insurance) , except certain hardware tools which they can borrow.



As my past has involved numerous projects (XRAY, NOW|THEN|SOON, Acute Melancholia, Flat 16)

I am keen to continue my practise alongside other practises and use this opportunity to share a great space with other's who might be in need of space, time, or just have a great idea to produce something.


contact me for more details 5monthsspace@gmail.com



    The small resdiency is by invite Only

















I will be using the space as part of my studio practise and does not operate this with any coverage for admin/organising/rent. This means the shared space will operate with little support.I am interested in evolving my practise collaboratively and would mainly aim this project for likeminded.It would only support a free space to work, make work within for a temporary period.








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